AJLI Excursion: Prince's Paisley Park Tour

Name:     AJLI Excursion: Prince's Paisley Park Tour
Date/Time:     05-20-2017 01:30pm - 04:00pm
Price:     $85.00
Description:     Paisley Park is Prince’s extraordinary private estate and production complex. Fans have the unprecedented opportunity to experience first-hand what it was like for Prince to create, produce and perform inside this private sanctuary and remarkable production complex.

Throughout the experience, visitors will see artifacts from Prince’s personal archives, including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, artwork, rare music and video recordings and motorcycles.

Please note this tour does not include lunch, please plan to eat before leaving or while on the bus.

Please note this event is intended for attendees of the AJLI Annual Conference

There is availability for 50 attendees on this excursion

Category:     AJLI Annual Conference Excursion
Contact:     Liz Nelson elizabeth.b.nelson@gmail.com
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